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Our newest release, “How to Beat No-Limit Hold ‘Em 6-max Cash Games,” by Bill Vosti, is a no-holds barred guide to dominating online poker 6-max games.  The game of 6-max no-limit hold ‘em is by far the most popular form of online poker, and the amount of quality material available on how to beat these 6-max games is almost non-existent, especially those written by true online professionals like Bill Vosti.
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Right now, at this very moment, there are thousands of people across the world making thousands of dollars an hour playing online poker.  There are tens of thousands of people across the world losing thousands of dollars an hour playing online poker.  Which one are you?

The players who are winning have mastered not only several techniques and concepts that you need to know to beat online poker, but they’ve also figured out the best software aids to use while playing online poker that gives them a special advantage.

Professional online poker player Bill Vosti details all these techniques and concepts in his ebook, “How to Beat No-Limit Hold ‘Em 6-max Cash Games.”  Anyone who beats online poker for big money knows about the material written in this book – material that is often ignored in other poker books because most poker books are written by old men who play in casinos, not young and up-coming players who have spent all their time learning poker online like Bill. 

The book not only comes with 170 hard-hitting pages of online poker knowledge, but it also comes with a preflop starting hand chart for 6-max games as well as three videos of Bill playing online poker, using all the techniques, concepts and software he talks about.  This is over an hour and a half of exclusive instruction from a professional himself.

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The world of online poker may never be the same.   In “How to Beat No-Limit Hold ‘Em 6-max Cash Games” by professional poker player Bill Vosti, the techniques and concepts used by online poker’s top players are revealed.  Now anyone who has purchased the book can begin to dominate the games themselves.

In the book, Vosti explains the various types of bets and plays and how to master them to make you a feared player at the table.  He also introduces and details various online poker software aids that can give you a leg up on the competition – and also keep you in line with the other professionals who are using the same software.

“How to Beat No-Limit Hold ‘Em 6-max Cash Games” features over 170 pages of hard-hitting information about the 6-max online poker games.  Many of today’s poker books are not in touch with the aggressive nature of online poker, and Vosti fills this void with a book exclusively made on how to beat these wild games.

The book also comes with preflop starting hand charts for 6-max no-limit hold ‘em, as well as three instructional videos of Vosti playing online poker (over an hour and  half’s worth of footage.) 

Anyone attempting to play online poker will be a step behind without reading and understanding the material in this book and the bonuses that come with the book.  Buy now!
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