Chapter 13: Understanding the Value Bet, Part 1

This is going to be part one of two on the value bet.  I’m explaining it to you now before I discuss the types of opponents you play so you have a basic understanding of what it is.  After you garner more information about the types of opponents you’ll play, you’ll visit the later chapter on value betting to know when you should value bet, who you should value bet and how much you should value bet.

The value bet is extremely important in 6-max.  Mastering the art of the value bet will increase your win rate more than any other bet.  I feel it’s a bet that when mastered separates the big online winners from the marginal winners, especially at the medium to higher limits where getting value is a little tougher.

Most value bets refer to betting a hand on the river you believe will be called by a worse hand.  You are getting value out of your hand.  Many other bets on the flop and turn can be considered value bets but when referred to in the online poker world we’re talking about the river bet.

I will tell you this right now: you should be value betting more than you think you should.  A major flaw of the 6-max player is assuming he is being bluffed more often than he really is.  You’ll be shocked at some of the things a player will call your river bet with when he only beats a bluff.


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09. August 2012 by Bill Vosti
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