Chapter 2: Rakeback and Where You Can Play

At any given time of the day, there are 50,000 to 100,000 people playing online poker.  Many of them are playing multiple tables, so there are literally hundreds of thousands of tables running online.  Right now.

If you are new to online poker, first you need to find a site to play at.  If you have already been playing online poker but struggling to maintain a bankroll, you need to find a new site with fishier players.  If you’ve been making money but want to know how to win more, it’s time for you to start mastering the concepts in this book.

A quick note on rakeback

For each hold ‘em hand that sees the flop, the poker site or casino takes a small amount of money out of each pot, which is called the rake.  This is how they make their money.  The amount varies, although online it’s usually from $1 to $3 per pot.  This number can seem small in comparison to some of the pots but it adds up quickly.

For example, say I’m playing four tables of $5/$10 on Full Tilt.  Each hour of play I am paying $120 in rake!  If I play 20 hours a week, that’s $2400 of money that I’ve won that has been taken out by the site.  As you can see, over a year’s time this number is huge for us professionals.

Thankfully, there’s a way to get some of this money back.  It’s called “rakeback.”  By signing up on a poker site through a rakeback site, you can get anywhere from 20% to 50% (depending on the poker site) of your rake returned to you.  This can really help anyone, regardless of how much they play or what stakes they play at.

What site to play at and why

The most popular online sites can change frequently.  Also, the fishiest online sites (the ones with the worst players) can change from month to month.

I’d recommend you visit Deuces Cracked’s rakeback page for the latest sites and the best rakeback deals.

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09. August 2012 by Bill Vosti
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