Part V Summary

Always be putting your opponent on a hand range and acting accordingly.  To me, this is one of the most important concepts in hold ‘em.  It takes experience to be able to read an opponent’s hand well, but once you get a good grasp on this, you will be unstoppable.

The button is your friend.  You can play a wide variety of hands on the button in a wide variety of ways.  Raise limpers, play back against raisers who will be out-of-position against you, and steal the blinds often from the button.  It’s your biggest moneymaker, position-wise.

Consider your implied odds.  A bad pot odds call might be a correct implied odds call.  Be careful, however, about overestimating your implied odds.

 Usually don’t bet an O.K. hand when it’ll never get called by worse.  It’s important to play for pot control in position when your hand is O.K. but there’s no point in betting.  In these spots, we want to get to a showdown as cheaply as possible.

Semibluff often.  It’s a very profitable and powerful move in your arsenal.

Play carefully when deep stacked.  If you’re 200 BBs deep and getting all-in with one pair, you are probably doing something wrong.  Play for pot control with more hands when deep stacked.  Be more apt to call large bets with draws when you are deep since your implied odds have increased

Against good opponents, you’ll have to think deep.  The mind games really start when people know how you’re playing and you know how they’re playing, and you’re both good enough to start adjusting.  It takes experience, but if you’re one step ahead of your opponent, you’ll be making the money in the long run.

Always be conscious of your image.  Slow down with a bad image.  Open up your game with a good one.


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09. August 2012 by Skilled Online Poker
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