Part VI Summary

Always have a reason to double or triple-barrel.  Use your hand reading skills and your board texture reading ability to decide whether or not to fire another bluff after your continuation bet has been called.

You have to open up preflop if you’re opponents are 3-betting your open-raises too much.  Start calling 3-bets with more marginal hands and throwing in 4-bets.

Don’t slowplay too much.  It’s better to go ahead and bet and hope they have something that can get all-in against your big hand.

If you’re calling out of the blinds, check-raise bluff to steal some pots away.  You can’t call out-of-position and check-fold every flop that you don’t flop top pair with.  You need to be stealing pots to make up for calling preflop.

Use timing tells to your advantage.  Some players do make the mistake of acting within a certain amount of time with a certain hand.  Don’t take it too far – use your knowledge of how the opponent plays, his stats, and what you figure his hand range to be before you start bringing timing tells into the mix.

 Consider metagame when playing against a familiar opponent.  Online, you’ll play against many of the same people, day in and day out.  How you played a hand yesterday or a month ago can affect your decisions in a hand you’re playing today.


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09. August 2012 by Skilled Online Poker
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