Playing Online Poker with Bitcoin: The Quick and Easy Three-Step Method

Step 1: Get Bitcoin

You need to get some bitcoins online! Set up an account at a bitcoin exchange, such as Coinbase.

At Coinbase, you’ll first setup your bank account. After setting up the bank account, you can buy your first bitcoin. Using your bank account, it will take a few days until the bitcoin will be in your account.

You can also set up a credit card to go along with your bank account, and be able to purchase $100 bitcoin instantly.

Step 2: Transfer Bitcoin

Get the bitcoin to an online poker site that takes bitcoins. My favorite site is Seals With Clubs.

Create an account on the site. Go to “My Account”. Look under “Deposit” for your Cash-in address. This is the address you will send bitcoin to from Coinbase.

Go to your Coinbase account. Under “Wallet”, click “Send/Request.” Click “Send Money”.

Under “email or bitcoin address”, you’ll input your unique Seals With Clubs bitcoin address that you found above. Put in the amount you want, click “Send Money”, and the bitcoin will be on its way!

It will take 10 to 40 minutes until the bitcoin shows up in your Seals With Clubs account.

Step 3: Play Poker!

Once the bitcoin reaches your Seals With Clubs account, you are good to go.

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23. March 2014 by Skilled Online Poker
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